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Beneficial Bites General Information

Introduction Letter to Beneficial Bites From Leslie Fijalkiewicz 
Beneficial Bites Logos in Different Sizes
Beneficial Bites Outline
Evaluation Tool 1 revised
Evaluation Tool 2
Functional Foods for the Consumer Flyer
Photo Release Form
Recipe Card Template
Report From UW-Stout
Share Your Recipe Form

Almonds & Walnuts

Almond Fact Sheet
Almond Flour Power
Almond Perfect Portion
Almonds and Walnuts Crossword
Almonds and Walnuts Crossword Answers
Almonds and Walnuts MOW Flyer
Almonds and Walnuts Newspaper Column
Almonds and Walnuts Presentation
Almonds and Walnuts Recipe Cards 1
Almonds and Walnuts Recipe Cards 2
Almonds and Walnuts Recipe Cards 3
Almonds and Walnuts Table Tent
Almonds and Walnuts Word Search


Apple Chart
Apple MOW Flyer
Apple Newspaper Column
Apple Presentation
Apple Recipe Cards 1
Apple Recipe Cards 2
Apple Table Tent
Apple Word Search
Wisconsin Apple Chart


Apricot Bingo Cards 1
Apricot Bingo Cards 2
Apricot Bingo Cards 3
Apricot Bingo Cards 4
Apricot Bingo Cards 5
Apricot Bingo Cards 6
Apricot Bingo Information
Apricot Bingo Wordlist
Apricot Crossword
Apricot MOW Flyer
Apricot Newspaper Column
Apricot Recipe Cards 1
Apricot Recipe Cards 2
Apricot Table Tent
Apricot Word Search


Asparagus Handout
Asparagus MOW Flyer
Asparagus Newspaper Column
Asparagus Presentation
Asparagus Puzzle
Asparagus Recipe Cards 1
Asparagus Recipe Cards 2
Asparagus Table Tent


Avocado MOW Flyer
Avocado Presentation
Avocado Recipe Cards
Avocado Table Tent
Avocado Word Search


Banana MOW Flyer
Banana Presentation
Banana Recipe Cards 1
Banana Recipe Cards 2
Banana Table Tent


Basil MOW Flyer
Basil Newspaper Column
Basil Presentation
Basil Presentation Flyer
Basil Recipe Cards 1
Basil Recipe Cards 2
Basil Table Tent
Basil Word Search


12 Key Nutrients in Beans
Bean Board Display
Bean Menu Recipes
Bean Newspaper Column
Bean Presentation
Bean Presentation Flyer
Beans MOW Flyer
Beans Newspaper Column
Bean Soup in a Bag Activity
Bean Soup in a Bag Labels
Bean Recipe Cards
Bean Table Tent
Beans Word Search
Black Beans with Corn and Tomatoes Recipe
Goober Beanie Salad Recipe Card
Guess How Many Beans Labels
Secrets to Soaking and Cooking Beans Handout
Tuscan Vegetable Soup Recipe 


MOWs Flyer
Newsletter Article
Table Tent 


Blueberries MOWs Flyer
Blueberries Newsletter Article
Blueberries Recipes
Blueberries Presentation
Blueberries Table Tent

Bok Choy

Bok Choy MOWs Flyer
Bok Choy Newsletter Article
Bok Choy Recipes
Bok Choy Presentation
Bok Choy Table Tent 


Broccoli MOW Flyer
Broccoli Presentation
Broccoli Recipes
Broccoli Table Tent