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Check back often for information regarding your three-year plans, amendments, and assessments. If you have any best practices or tips/tricks, we'd love to hear them!

Wisconsin's Aging Network Policies, Procedures, and Technical Assistance Manual 6/30/11

Appendix E (p. 402): Planning Tools for the Aging Network may be helpful with tools and processes for developing your three-year plans.

2017 Budgets-Amendments

Before you begin, please read the attached 2017 Amendment Memo to Aging Units from the State Office on Aging.

Budgets (use the attached county or tribal budget sheets 8-12-16)
ALL aging units must submit budget pages for 2017 to Sarah Cowen by end of day, Monday, November 14.  

  • Instructions are included on the first page of the budget form.  If you have any questions when filling out the form, you may contact Deb Mould, Fiscal Manager.
  • In the email, please indicate the date that your budget has been approved.  Minutes are not required.

Plan Amendments
All aging units should review their 2016-2018 Aging Unit Plans and assess whether changes are needed. Changes to the plan need to be made in the actual plan document and submitted to Sarah Cowen by end of day, Monday, November 14.  

  • Please indicate any changes in the body of the plan using an orange-colored font.
  • In the email, please state the pages that have been changed.

Amendments needing additional approval (refer to memo from DHS)
Public hearings are required in the following cases:

  1. Adding, deleting, or materially altering any proposed activities from the plan as originally approved.
  2. Organizational, staffing, or other substantial changes to the aging unit.

In these cases, the pages or sections from the plan describing the changes must be amended, approved by your commission on aging, and presented at a public hearing. These amendments must be submitted to Sarah Cowen by end of day, Monday, November 14. In addition, please fax the following to 866-813-0974:

  • Information from your public hearing.
  • Two signed signature pages, with two signatures each (use below Plan Amendment Signature Pages).

We will be discussing the plan amendment process at the upcoming ACE meetings but as always, let your reviewer know if you have any questions. You will find the 2017 Plan Reviewer Assignments below.

General Info

Transmittal Letter From BADR
GWAAR Staff Reviewer List by County/Tribe With Contact Info
Public Hearing Signature Pages

For Counties

2017 County Budget Form 8/12

For Tribes

2017 Tribal Budget Form 8/12