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Check back often for information regarding your three-year plans, amendments, and assessments. If you have any best practices or tips/tricks, we'd love to hear them!

Wisconsin's Aging Network Policies, Procedures, and Technical Assistance Manual 6/30/11

Appendix E (p. 402): Planning Tools for the Aging Network may be helpful with tools and processes for developing your three-year plans.

2016-2018 Aging Unit Plans

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Draft plans and budgets should be sent to me (sarah.cowen@gwaar.org/not your reviewer) and I will pass on.
  • The narrative plan portion should be in Word and the budget in Excel.
  • No signature pages are needed by the September 1 deadline (they will be due November 16).
  • We will not require (and prefer to not receive) hard copies of anything to be sent in—even signature pages.
  • The final plan document should contain any minutes, agendas, signature pages, and organizational charts—not to be sent as separate attachments (contact your reviewer if you need guidance).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your assigned reviewer.

General Info

Checklist of Essential Features of Age-Friendly Cities
GWAAR Staff Reviewer List by County/Tribe With Contact Info
Listening Sessions Survey Results
Memo From BADR: Budget Expenditure Item #24 - Self-Directed Care

Public Hearing Notice Template

Transmittal Letter From BADR With Timetable

For Counties

County Instructions
County Template 6/1
County Budget Form 9/1

For Tribes

Tribal Instructions
Tribal Template 6/1
Tribal Budget Form 9/1

April 28 ACE Meeting

Goal Ideas Notes
Coordination Between Titles III and VI Presentation

Environmental Scan Presentation
Nutrition Summary Presentation
SMART Goals Presentation

Required Focus Area: Healthy Aging

Highest-Level Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs
OAA Title III-D Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs Criteria