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Nutrition Directors Annual Meetings

Overview Presentation for the Nutrition Director Meeting


2016-2018 Nutrition Supporting Plan Materials | Emergency PreparednessFood ServiceHome-Delivered Meals | Nutrition Education | Program Operations | Satisfaction Surveys and Input

2016-2018 Nutrition Supporting Plan Materials

Age-Friendly Action Plan Template
Age-Friendly Cities Checklist
Age-Friendly Senior Dining Check List

Dementia-Friendly Dining Room Essentials Resource
Focus Group and Listening Session Questions
HDM Assessment Livable Environment Check List
Nutrition Summary Plan Ideas
Thoughts and Planning Tools for Plan

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Meals AU Compilation
Shelf-Stable Foods to Meet 1/3rd DRI Requirements

Food Service

Food Show Calendar 2015-2016
Fresh Produce Donation Guidelines
Keep Your Meal Fresh and Safe Label
Kitchen to Table Food Safety Presentation
Quantity Cooking Recipes
Receiving, Storage, and Inventory Overview
Sanitizing Solution Overview: Chart to Post at Meal Sites

Florida Bradenton Menu Sample
Mather Café Menu
Menu Template Bistro Look 1-Page
Menu Template No Background 1-Page
Menu Template With Promises and Cover Page

Home-Delivered Meals

Establishing Position and Relationship Boundaries for Volunteers
HDM Guidelines for Drivers Template

HDM Test Tray Form
Mail Order Meal Options
Oliver Tray Reheating Instructions: Initial | Follow-Up
Volunteer Driver Handbook Waukesha County
Volunteer HDM Dining Center Manual Sauk County

Nutrition Education

DETERMINE Screen Educational Materials
Choosing Healthy Meals as You Get Older: MyPlate Handout
DETERMINE Healthy Lifestyle Handout for Everyone
DETERMINE Resource List for HDM Assessors for Participants
DETERMINE Talking Points for HDM Assessors
Titles of Additional Educational Handouts for DETERMINE Questions

Table Tents
Bone Health Table Tents
Brain Health Table Tents
Healthy Eating on a Budget Table Tents

Eye Health
Eye Health Board Materials
Need to Drive at Night Handout

Potassium Board Materials
Potassium Recipe Brochure

Vitamin D
Fats Handouts
Healthy Oil Recipes
Oil vs. Margarine Board Materials
Vitamin D Board Materials
Vitamin D Brochure
Vitamin D Recipes Brochure

Program Operations

Dining Center Review Form
HDM Cancellation Letter Samples: ADRC-CW | Marquette Co. | Vilas Co. | Generic
Meal Verification Form
No-Show Letter Samples: ADRC-CW | Milwaukee Interfaith
Privacy Statement Half-Sheet That Goes With Senior Dining Registration Form
Restaurant Technical Assistance
Senior Dining Half-Sheet Registration Form
Sheboygan Picnic Presentation
Suggested and Average Donation Compilation
Suggested Donation Articles: Barron Co. | Dane Co.
Volunteer Reimbursement FAQ

Satisfaction Surveys and Input

Brown County Photo of Satisfaction Survey Results Idea
Comment Card A-F Rock County: Side 1 | Side 2
Eau Claire County Satisfaction Survey Results Presentation (Editable)
HDM 2015 Satisfaction Survey
Pepin County Senior Nutrition Program Focus Group Summary
Pepin County Senior Nutrition Program Questionnaire Summary
Rate-A-Plate Meal Card
Senior Dining 2015 Satisfaction Survey
Why Don’t You Attend a Senior Dining Location Survey

Family Caregiver Marketing Toolkit

Reaching out to the community to find and support caregivers is an important part of a Caregiver Coordinator’s job. We created this toolkit to help make this part of your job easier.

Newsletter articles should be personalized with your contact information and can be revised to be more relevant to your county and the services you offer. You are encouraged to submit articles to your agency newsletter as well as those of partnering agencies and local newspapers.

Customizable Brochures and Fact Sheets

NFCSP Brochure
NFCSP Employer Brochure  
AFCSP Fact Sheet

NFCSP Fact Sheet

Newsletter Articles

Preventing Financial Abuse and Expoitation of Older Adults
Asking For Help
Preparation Pays Off
Caregiving Basics 
What Do All the Terms Mean?

Tips for Diffusing Family Conflict


Are You Prepared to Care?
Caring Isn't the Hard Part of Caregiving
She's the Light of Your Life . . .
Juggling Work and Caregiving

Making the Right Choice
Trying to Care for Someone Far Away

Nutrition Webinars

Gardening Webinar March 19, 2015

Presentation Summary Handout


Community Gardening Manual From the Atlanta Regional Commission
Community Gardening Toolkit From University of Missouri Extension
Got Dirt? Toolkit
From the WI Department of Health Services. In an effort to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in Wisconsin, the Department of Health Services' Nutrition and Physical Activity Program developed Got Dirt?, a program designed to assist with the implementation of school, community, and child care gardens.


Garden Donation to the Program Template
Nutrition Program Fresh Produce Guidelines


Creating Therapeutic Gardening Landscapes
Gardening and Arthritis
Gardening With the Elderly
Growing a Gardening Program for Older Adults

Nutrition Education

Fat Facts

We hope these educational sheets help educate and create some discussion and excitement around various types of fats. We have included recipes on some of the handouts. It would be great if participants discuss and want to share some recipes they have tried and tips for using the various oils.

Canola Oil Fat Fact Sheet
Canola Oil Baking Substitution Chart
Coconut Oil Fat Fact Sheet
Compilation of All Fats Sheet
Comparison of Dietary Fats at a Glance
Grapeseed Oil Fat Fact Sheet
Olive Oil Fat Fact Sheet
Peanut Oil Fat Fact Sheet
Sesame Oil Fat Fact Sheet
Walnut Oil Fat Fact Sheet